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Investments that change the world

Invest in something that matters

Our investors are different. They want to make money. But, just as much, they want to make a difference.

TomCo Capital Partners understands that drive. It’s why we provide accredited investors with experienced knowhow and one-on-one support in finding partnerships that can help them both make a profit and spark a lasting legacy.

We’re making a difference right now

Good investments generate profit. Great investments change the world. Amazing investments do it all. Here are just a few of the industries where we’ve made amazing investments so far:

And there’s plenty more on the horizon.

The TomCo Capital Partners experience

Invest in something that matters

Just as we partner with well-vetted innovators, we partner with investors too, so you can be confident our opportunities are right for your risk tolerance and time horizon. We provide accurate accounting of your funds and regular updates, so you can be a part of the change you’re helping create.

Remember, with TomCo Capital Partners, you’re not just making an investment. You’re making a difference.

Welcome to our family of investments that matter.

Let’s change the world — together.

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